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PIT To LAX: My Story Worthy Life

by Christine Blackburn

For Christine Blackburn, the youngest of six kids growing up in Pittsburgh, the idea of living in Los Angeles and working in the entertainment industry seemed like a dream (or at least something you only saw on television). Instead she took a circuitous route—first as a flight attendant, then in the Peace Corps—with some unforeseen setbacks: a rare cancer diagnosis at age 31. With a survivor’s renewed sense of urgency, Blackburn finally found the courage to take the leap to Los Angeles and pursue her life as a performer, or at least... as a contestant on The Dating Game. PIT to LAX: My Story Worthy Life is a series of memories about loving, losing, and letting go, which will inspire you and stay with you long after you’ve left its last pages. Buy now and I'll sign it for you! 

Christine has written a frank and funny collection of stories. You’ll be laughing out loud one minute and then she’ll hit you with a poignancy that you didn’t see coming. Reading this book is like getting sucker punched in the best way possible.
— -ANNABELLE GURWITCH,  New York Times Bestselling author Wherever You Go, There They Are
From going to the bathroom in a bucket in Tonga while serving in the Peace Corps to undergoing chemotherapy with a doctor named Donald Trump, Blackburn shares and laughs at her many adventures (and misadventures) with heart, humor, and optimism. The optimism which carried her to California, and ultimately saved her life.
—  -LILIBET SNELLINGS, author of BOX GIRL: My Part-Time Job as an Art Installation